Running – what I learned!

Okay, I will start off with saying that at first I really thought that I had gone crazy when I decided or should I say when I agreed to let my sister talk me into signing up for a 1/2 Marathon.

Now, I know that I am crazy!

Me – the person that hates mornings, can’t function without 2 cups of coffee, would rather wait for the elevator to go up a flight of stairs, trips over her own feet and probably only ever spent $50 on tennis shoes – now wakes up early on Saturday for a long run ( yup that is right 5 Miles this last weekend and there were even hills). My last pair of running shoes cost over $130 and I didn’t even fret. Okay, I still drink coffee, take the elevator ( I am on the 6th floor) and still hate morning but I am out there and I don’t nearly complain as much. (There are plenty of people that can back up that claim.)

So what have I learned —
Running makes me feel like I have accomplished something. Running makes me feel graceful. Running makes me feel strong. Running works out all those daily frustrations I have. Running is about me and no one else.

I can’t blame anyone else if I don’t make the miles or if I don’t run as fast as I want. Running is about me listening to myself and learning just how far I WANT and CAN push myself.


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