December Updates

Okay we started this month running in our first 10K (6.2 miles) Jon Kleinerman- 10K on Dec 6th.
We are still running but are finding it hard to run outside because of the weather (rain, ice and snow). I don’t really want to run on a treadmill but I have no choice need to run and can’t do outside.

We are running at least 2 times a week. We have incorporated a run indoors to help prepare us for the temperatures in Miami. Lucky the race will be in the morning so the temperature should not be too warm.

I have been breaking in some new shoes, I have noticed that my left quad and knee are feeling a little tight.

Meg is going and going. She is like the energizer bunny.

We didn’t run the Hot Chocolate Race. Why? It was below zero and snowed. Unfortunately while home for the holidays we didn’t have the chance to run because Michigan was having record snow fall. Basically it was a blizzard.


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