January Updates

January is the big month. We (meg and I) run our race on Jan. 25th. I haven’t run since the week before Christmas went home for the holidays and got stuck in the Midwest Blizzard. Since we’ve been back we have been running tons – partially outside and when the weather permits outdoors at Central Park.

The big news of this month on my front is that my knee (left to be rather specific and accusatory) has decided in its infinite wisdom to start hurting on the lateral side. Pah to it I say. I won’t stop me from running not this close to the game. My friends and extensive research via internet, I believe that I have ITBS (Iliotibial band syndrome) I have all the symptoms. The exercises seem to help and I have been icing it like crazy. I think that it was aggravated on my 5.5 Mile run in CP on Jan 8th – not to sure. I am determined that it won’t stop me.

Meg and I did our 10 mile long run on 1.19.09 – the knee started to hurt around mile 4 but I survived and ended up with a blister (that I can deal with). I intend to ice like crazy until my the race… it is only 5 days away.


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