Miami – Here we are.

Okay we are here in Miami, less than 48 hours and I will be running my 1/2 Marathon. I thought that I would share a post from my Just Finished blog. But first check out the greeting we got from out hotel.

As originally posted on my blog at “January 25th, is the day I do it! Hopefully, by 10 a.m. I will have finished my first 1/2 marathon (Miami ING) I am a little worried because my knee has been acting up but I have been icing and stretching pretty much babying it. I have even promised it a little vacation if it gets me through. My journey has been long and the training pretty intense. I can remember when I started in September and the schedule said 1 minute of solid running, I was like ‘you want me to run how long?’ The good, no the GREAT thing about this journey is that I have taken it will my little sister. We are going to cross that finish line that is our journey to ‘just finish’ – I am not worried about speed (at least not this time!) This journey is about us (ME) finishing.


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