Currently in stand by mode

Okay – what has been going on? We did the required downtime for 6 – 7 days of no running. Meg then proceeded to get a very nasty cold and as her sister I had a great deal of sympathy for her and decided I could not possibly work-out without her. ( I know you can feel the love!) My knee is still not mended and let me point out to you how hard it is to find a respectable orthopedic sports medicine doctor that takes my insurance here in NYC. (I finally had to call the insurance and have them help me.) I have a call in hopefully I can get my referral and see him next week.

Meg and I did go work out. She dragged me to a trainer that gave us a set of strengthening exercises. The goal for the next half marathon is pick up the speed.

News from Teri, she has had a breakthrough – her pilates instructor discovered a tight hamstring – hopefully this will help her with her stride and make running pain free.

I know this is crazy girls but I do have to mention that a guy we shall name him “Bruno” has decided to join our mayhem and train for the Seattle run!!!! I will see if I can persuade him to post some of his thoughts.


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