Slight Change of Plans

We will not be running in the Japan Day race this Sunday. Unfortunately due to a nasty cold that has taken root in my apartment both my sister and I have gotten sick.

It wouldn’t be very pleasant for either of us & to any of the runners to have us in fits of coughing every 1/4 mile. So nope – not running.
We will be picking another (most likely longer) run to replace this one!!
So that is all at the moment.

AHA Wall Street Run – 3miler

Its always interesting to run in a new area, makes the distance not seem so daunting and it also can drive you absolutely bonkers. I know it was for a great cause but I don’t think that I want to be doing the Wall Street Run again, I have one word for you all – FRUSTRATING – why? TOURISTS. The course had us running along the street infront of the World Trade Center, there were tourist everywhere and I do mean everywhere ( yup the street – where we were trying to run). The most frustrating part was we became a toursit attraction – ugh! Yeah I know running in CP there are tons of tourist but its different because the runners rule!!!

Okay back to the race. I started off okay, I was a little aprehensive because I was very worried that my knee would start acting up again (thanks to the knee pain goddess it didn’t). I made it to the first water station without any mishap (but that truly is a story left untold) the rest of the way was pretty uneventful.
As you know Leo (megsman) ran with us. His first race ever and I can say he ran the whole way – he was slow and steady and he did it. Kudos to Leo!!!!!!

The marathon qualifiers begin!

Yes that is right WE are going to be running a minimum of 9 NYRR races this year and volunteering for one. Why you ask yourself for the simple reason Megan has got it in her head that we should qualify ourselves for the NYC 2010 Marathon, you know just in case we want to run it – keep the option open she said!

As such we have strategically planned our 2009 running schedule in NYC, our first race is tomorrow – May 19 – American Heart Association Start! Wall Street Run. This is an official run but I am not expecting a stellar time due in part to Megan and I running/walking – you see Leo (MegsMan) is participating with us and he isn’t a runner yet and we promised to do this race with him. We have decided to run a minute and walk a minute – we are anticipating a large crowd and tons of corporate walkers!

I will be posting a list of all the races sometime in the next couple of days.

Still alive

Yes… we are still alive. New post with all the details to come in the next week or so. Meg and I are putting together a list of races for 2009 ( she has the insane idea that we need to run 9 qualifing runs so we can get an automatic entry in the 2010 NYC Marathon – certifiable she is) once we have it complete I will post the deets!!!!! I will tell you we have our first official race on May 19th — American Heart Association Run – Wall Street.

Okay talk to you all later.