AHA Wall Street Run – 3miler

Its always interesting to run in a new area, makes the distance not seem so daunting and it also can drive you absolutely bonkers. I know it was for a great cause but I don’t think that I want to be doing the Wall Street Run again, I have one word for you all – FRUSTRATING – why? TOURISTS. The course had us running along the street infront of the World Trade Center, there were tourist everywhere and I do mean everywhere ( yup the street – where we were trying to run). The most frustrating part was we became a toursit attraction – ugh! Yeah I know running in CP there are tons of tourist but its different because the runners rule!!!

Okay back to the race. I started off okay, I was a little aprehensive because I was very worried that my knee would start acting up again (thanks to the knee pain goddess it didn’t). I made it to the first water station without any mishap (but that truly is a story left untold) the rest of the way was pretty uneventful.
As you know Leo (megsman) ran with us. His first race ever and I can say he ran the whole way – he was slow and steady and he did it. Kudos to Leo!!!!!!

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