The Journey to madness has begun — AGAIN!

Okay its August 2009 and the madness has started yet again. We have signed up for the Miami 1/2 Marathon in January 2010. The goal for this one is two-fold. Get to it without being injured – goddess do I remember every knee stepping pain of the last one. Finish it with a better time – since the last one was done while injured I am hoping this one will be quicker.

Megan and I have started the training a little earlier this year. Our goal is to come in under a specific time (which we are keeping quiet on at present) will post that closer to our race. So, with that in mind we are going to be running tons of NYRR races this fall. We have decided that we DO NOT like running in the summer, the summer is not out friend.

So it has begun, we went to the gym at lunch yesterday and did an intense 30mins on the Precor the goal this week is 4 times of cardio. Next week we are starting the Couch to 5K regime (accelerated of course) to get back into the thick of things. Our first official NYRR race is in Septemeber – the 5th Avenue Mile – we are hoping to run it in 10 mins or less (we all have dreams).

Once we have our plan finalized I will post our races and keep you are informed of the torture we are putting ourselves through – hey even though I willing doing this to myself I can call it torture.


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