Something really crazy —

You want to hear something really Crazy and Insane — WE ACTUALLY PUT OUR NAME IN THE NY MARATHON RAFFLE — I know CRAZY!!!! Now I spend half the time praying to whatever god will listen to NOT pick my name and the other thinking whoa that would be cool. I will keep you guys posted on the insanity. I wouldn’t take bets on it but I have a feeling that the universe is going to make sure both out names are picked just to spite us and call us out an being lazy.


Thursday and the Treadmill

This morning at 5:45 I found myself with my frenemy…. the treadmill. My friend when its cold outside and I have no place else to run. My enemy because it constantly points out that I am not running as fast as I think I am and the miles aren’t flying by. Nevertheless I prevailed and I managed along with Monkey (the crazy generally not morning person) who was so chipper I wanted to trip her — pounding out the miles. Okay it was only 2 but this morning it felt like a gazillion.

I will have to say this – the new gym is nice and quiet. No one likes to exercise in my neighborhood that early which is fine by me.

Tomorrow is another morning with the frenemy but I am going to beat it into submission.