Cold Turkey is my madness.


Ok… I know cold turkey is discouraged by everyone but I myself find that cold turkey is the only method that works for me.     It does work!  I once gave up chocolate for almost two years that way.


I recently, April 9, 2013, gave up chocolate again for one year — with the very rare exception – I didn’t know when I took a bite (dentist using mint chocolate polisher doesn’t count) –  I haven’t willing cheated.
I sit next to a large candy bowl at work where one of my jobs is to fill it.  
It doesn’t bother me one bit!

April 8, 2014 – I may have a bite!



I can’t willing take one tiny bite and walk away.  I love the taste of food way too much for that!  I savor the way food taste on my tongue and the way it slides down my throat.   The yen for a specific taste will consume me and the thoughts of the taste become an obsession.    I can’t resist and then wham after that first bite there is no stopping me and that is my problem!

No idea why I can totally walk away and have no worries.  It maybe the way my mind processes it.  I immediately think of said thing as bad and then I no longer desire it.   It’s like a switch is flipped.

So my new endeavor is no pastries – defined as donuts, muffins, cookies, and croissants!  Why you ask — my work!  They are the culprit behind this new one.  The amount of pastries my office gets is ridiculous and of course I can’t resist.   I need to resist… sugar isn’t my friend and gluten is definitely an enemy of mine.  SOOOOO   as of today 8/15/2013  for 6 months….

I’ll keep you posted on the status of this new one.. if anything is gonna be hard it’s gonna be this one.
2/15/2014 we shall see.


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