30 day CGR Plank Challenge.

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30 Day CrazyGirls Run  Plank Challenge

We have decided that we are going to start the PLANK challenge –  yes on a Friday.   Start when you decided to do it.  Don’t be OCD and figure you have to start at the begining of a month or a Monday  chances are you will not start at all.  I know that has been my problem in the past.   

So tonight it begins…. 30 days of Planks.   

Ok that being said…. We maybe crazy but we know not all people including US are at fitness levels where we will be able to do this exactly the way listed. That is OK! 

If your not (suspecting that maybe me at some point in the challenge) just record your time.   The key is to make sure that you increase your duration.   If I can’t handle the time given I intend to shoot for 5 seconds longer then the previous day when there is an increase. i.e.   2 min to 2.5 min increase  – I can’t do 2.5  — I will shoot for 2 mins 5 seconds minimum

Ok one more thing…. there are many ways to do a plank. Just google yoga plank.   

Here are a couple of images I found. 

This is the easiest full High Plank from personal experience. — from www. yogajournal.com 

This is the harder one.  Low plank – it works your core (abs better) so the google research has said.   I know from experience it is harder. 

 Here is some refinement photos of the low plank.   Along with a Half low plank that is easier on you.  from yoga.isport.com 

ONCE AGAIN…  GOOGLE  Yoga PLank and do your research so you can find the plank poise that works the best for you.    

Please note the above is just my opinion and thoughts.. I am not a yoga master or an expert in anything at all.   

Have fun but remember if you hurt stop!!!! 

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