Diet -Modified Paleo

I have tried a lot of diets but the fact is nothing works for me because I get frustrated.   I get frustrated because the weight doesn’t go fast enough and my blood sugar isn’t changing fast enough.   I know that if I lost 25 -35 pounds the blood sugar would probably improve drastically but I don’t have the patience.   I also am a grazer… it’s hard to grazer with carbs in your life.

SOOOOO after tons of research and talking to people and sampling some recipes…. I am going on and by default since I do the most cooking the Monkey and the Cowboy are too — the Modified Paleo Diet.

This  means that I am going to go  about 95% paleo.   I am still going to have my Steel Cut Oats for breakfast and the occasional  cheese product (life would be miserable to exist if I didn’t have cheese sometimes.)
I believe that Monkey has her reason too!


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