It’s been 9 days!

It’s been 9 days on Medifast.  It has been a hard journey for me (Marco).   The food is OK — nothing to run out and get to be honest but it’s doable (avoid the Mac&Cheese at all cost).    I lost 6.4 pounds in these last 9 days.   I am excited about that.

My problem is that I don’t know if it’s giving me enough calories to basically function.    I was doing fine while I was at work – just sitting there working at my desk.  I would come home for my Lean and Green meal.   No problem.   My BS #’s seem steady and slowly lowering but overall I was OK.   My problem started on the weekend!!!!   I was not stationary.   I was not immobile.   I was up.  I was out.   I was doing things.   I walk walking around.   I felt like crude.  I looked like a ghost and the people I was with were concerned.  Yes I was eating all my food.  I was drinking all my water.   I WASN’T HUNGRY.   I just felt like my limbs were jello and my mind was in a fog. 

I just barely made it through the weekend.    Monday came and I was OK again — I’ve contacted my Coach and she suggested more protein and veggies and another shake.  (Not sure I want the other shake but I am ok with adding some protein and veggies at lunch.   I tried this on Tuesday and Wednesday… I seem to have  more energy but I only lost 0.4 pounds – that doesn’t really make me happy.  I know a lost is a lost but I can still be unhappy at the speed.   

Yesterday I had a dinner at PF Chang… I am not worrying about what I ate.  I was smart – no rice just the meat with veggies.  Lettuce Wraps were the bomb.     I started Medifast on plan again today.  My goal is to follow it 100% M-F and on the weekends incorporate a protein into breakfast or lunch.  Hopefully by doing that I will have more energy to get me through. 

Still 6.4 in 9 days….only 30 more to go!